Purpose: To establish a strong Main Street organization which utilizes a growing number of participants in the implementation and funding of the program.

1. Newsletter (Due January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1; Assigned to Liz Larscheid; budget $0.00)
2. Website (Reviewed quarterly for updates; find one person to assign; $0.00)
3. Regularly Scheduled Public Presentations (One per quarter; Use newsletters for content; Director plus one MSCR board member goes to City Council; County Supervisors; CRDG; Annual Meeting; $0.00)
4. Grad gifts for seniors (Due May 1; Graduation card with $10 Coon Bucks; create task force to hand write; budget $450)
5. CR-B banners (Due May 1; find task force to find sponsors ($90/banner) collect photos, design and send to printer)
6. Annual meeting (Due August; find task force; $1,500)

7. Fundraising Plan (Due July; find task force to create a plan; budget $0.0)
   a. Plan for MSCR fundraising activities
   b. 2021 pledge collections
   c. Separate fundraising activities
8. CR-B alumni outreach (Most likely a 2022 project)

9. Volunteer job descriptions (Due May 1; other team chairs to provide data; budget $0.0)
10. Maintain volunteer database (primarily staff role, but committee to use during volunteer recognition)
11. Create Employee volunteer program (Due June; task force to create and send to businesses; budget $0.0)
12. Develop high school volunteer program (silver cord connection) (Due June; task force to create and send to businesses; budget $0.0)
13. Volunteer gifts (Due September; task force; $800)
14. Targeted Organization Team member recruitment for specific tasks (Due January 1; Assigned to Rachel, Liz, Dawn, Quinn, Chelsea; budget $0.0)


To volunteer or for questions, contact co-chairs Quinn Wurzer or Liz Larscheid.


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