Purpose: To establish a strong Main Street organization which utilizes a growing number of participants in the implementation and funding of the program.

2022 Priorities

  1. Newsletter (Due January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1)
  2. Website
  3. Regularly Scheduled Public Presentations (Use newsletters for content; Director plus one MSCR board member goes to City Council bi-annually; County Supervisors annually)
  4. Grad gifts for seniors
  5. CR-B banners
  6. Share market analysis results with board and committee members
  7. Annual Report with progress updates
  8. Research Ameri-Corp Vista opportunities (business climate, housing, physical assistance)
  9. Marketing campaign
  10. Use survey data to tell coon Rapids story, testimonials, community pride, etc.
  11. List business opportunities in Coon Rapids


  1. Fundraising Plan
  2. Continue Dash & Dine
  3. 2022 pledge collections
  4. Separate fundraising activities and create plan for promoting activities (contract for renting bag sets, etc)
  5. CR-B alumni outreach


  1. Maintain Volunteer job descriptions
  2. Maintain volunteer database
  3. Maintain Employee volunteer program
  4. Maintain high school volunteer program
  5. Volunteer Event
  6. Ongoing targeted Organization Team member recruitment for specific tasks


  1. Research possible interns opportunities with ISU/Drake/DMACC
  2. Support board members and volunteers to attend training workshops related to housing development
  3. Visit another Main Street that has been successful in up-per-story housing projects
  4. Share survey results with elected officials

To volunteer or for questions, contact co-chairs Quinn Wurzer or Liz Larscheid.


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406 Main Street, Coon Rapids, IA 50058 | 712-999-GROW | [email protected]
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      City of Coon Rapids
      City of Coon Rapids
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