Boards and Commissions

Park & Recreation Board (four-year term)

Holly Namanny (term expires 12/20)
Jon Heydon (term expires 12/21)
Justin Mohr term expires (12/22)
Diane Slater (term expires 12/21)
Chris Mohr (term expires 12/23)

Planning & Zoning Commission (five-year term)

Zoning Officer: Kevin Reis
Chris Mohr (term expires 12-31-20)
Ed Golay (term expires 12-31-21)
Josh Smouse (term expires 12-31-22)
Alan Andersen (term expires 12-31-23)
Dave Burmeister (term expires 12-31-24)

Thomas Rest Haven Board of Trustees (six-year term)

Jane Siegler (term expires 12-31-25)
Ron Rafferty (term expires 12-31-23)
Mike Davis (term expires 12-31-21)

Board of Adjustment

Josh Smouse (term expires 12-31-22)
Roger Clayburg (term expires 12-31-23)
Kevin Reis (term expires 12-31-20)
XXXXX  (term expires 12-31-24)
Tamara Bonney (term expires 12-31-21)

Library Board of Trustees

Gary Strasser (term expires 6-30-22)
Laura Lake (term expires 6-30-24)
Kellanie Johnston (term expires 6-30-24)
Cory Sanden (term expires 6-30-22)
Vicki Garnes (term expires 6-30-20)

Coon Rapids Municipal Utilities Board of Trustees

Lee Boeke term expires (6-30-25)
Doris Bass (term expires 6-30-24)
Terry Garnes (term expires 6-30-21)
Mary Schwaller (term expires 6-30-22)
Alan Andersen (term expires 6-30-26)

If you are interested in serving on any of these boards, contact the city clerk at (712) 999-7749.

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