If you are interested in being a vendor in Coon Rapids on Monday, July 23, 2018 during RAGBRAI, here is what you need to know.


All vendors need to complete a vendor application, pay the appropriate vendor fee, and provide proof of liability insurance by May 18, 2018.


Make checks payable to the: Coon Rapids Development Group.

Send completed applications, checks and proof of liability to the City Clerk’s office,  123 Third Avenue, Coon Rapids, IA 50058.


NEED SOME HELP WITH IDEAS ON WHAT TO SELL? Download “Catering to Riders 2018” to get some good ideas.



Food Vendors are responsible for applying for and obtaining their license. City organizers may not issue food licenses to sell food - only permits to operate in the city. You do not need a license when providing commercially prepared pre-packaged food or beverage that does not require temperature control for safety. Examples- bottled sodas, packaged candy, packaged chips, packaged granola bars, etc. or whole, uncut fruits and vegetables


Town Hall Meeting

Food Safety Specialist Sara Kingland with the Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals will hold town hall meetings in Coon Rapids on Wednesday, May 2 and in Manning on Wednesday, May 16 starting at 6:00 p.m.  While all food vendors are welcome to attend either meeting, the May 2 meeting will be hosted by the Dedham and Coon Rapids RAGBRAI committees at the Bur Oak Center (1436 Hwy 141, Coon Rapids). The May 16 meeting will be held at the Manning VFW Hall and is organized by the Manning and Templeton RAGBRAI committees.


A representative from any group who might be considering running a booth during RAGBRAI need to attend this meeting.  Kingland will go over all the food vendor regulations and answer any questions.  This is a great opportunity to learn what is required by the health inspector to keep your food and beverages safe from contamination.


Organizers are asking for RSVPs so the appropriate number of handouts can be made. Those attending the Coon Rapids event need to RSVP to Katie Mason (bikeCoonRapids@gmail.com or 515-418-1198) by Friday, April 27.  If you are attending the Manning location, contact Denise Doyel (chamber@mmctsu.com).


For questions contact the Carroll County’s Department of Inspections and Appeals:

Sara Kingland,

Phone: 515-250-5020,

Email: sara.kingland@dia.iowa.gov

Website: https://dia.iowa.gov/


2018 RAGBRAI Food License Requirements

Temporary Food Establishment Rules and Regulations

Temporary Food Establishment Vendor Checklist



All vendors in Pass-through Towns, whether they are food or non-food, must show proof of liability insurance.



For-profit companies must also have an Iowa Sales Tax Permit. For information about obtaining an Iowa Sales Tax Permit, contact the Iowa Department of Revenue at 515-281-3114 or https://tax.iowa.gov.



If you require electrical service at your booth, return this form by June 1 to:

Coon Rapids RAGBRAI® Electrical Committee, 123 3rd Avenue, Coon Rapids, IA 50058



City ordinance as approved by the Coon Rapids City Council on May 7. Click here to download the ordinance. The Carroll County Board of Supervisors is in the process of creating a county RAGBRAI ordinance.  Vendors located in the unincorporated areas will need to check with the county to determine which town they apply to for a permit.



WRISTBANDS. Riders wearing wristbands will pay a discounted price for meals, swimming pool admission, T-shirts, repair service, etc. Those without wristbands should pay about 20 percent more. For example: a meal would cost $5.00 with a wristband and $6.00 without one. Bicycle shops charge similarly. The extra money stays with the organization involved. Local residents should be given special identification or tickets to prevent any misunderstandings. Most towns also give the discount to anyone wearing their town's theme T-shirt.


OFFICIAL RAGBRAI VENDOR. Material mailed to official RAGBRAI participants strongly recommends that riders patronize only vendors displaying posters that state "OFFICIAL RAGBRAI VENDOR" to help keep interlopers from benefiting from sales that should benefit only local organizations. The Coon Rapids RAGBRAI committee will furnish the posters prior to the start of the ride to those who have completed a vendor application and provided proof of liability insurance.


HOW MUCH TO SERVE. Small food vendors should be able to serve between 300 and 500 meals, while business operations like Pancake and Breakfast Burrito vendors can serve about 1,000-1,500 people.


HANDWASHING STATIONS. Handwashing stations and sanitizer buckets with wiping cloths must be set up and used prior to any food handling, preparation, or sales.  For details on how to do this, see the temporary food operations guide.


RAGBRAI IS TRADEMARKED. The RAGBRAI trademark (be it spoken, written, electronic, digital or in logo form) may not appear in any advertisement or commercial use without a signed agreement from the Register and RAGBRAI officials. Simply put, towns can not sell nor giveaway items with the word RAGBRAI on them. The RAGBRAI trademarks may be used by news sources (including newspapers, radio and television stations) if the use is part of a news story, but all uses must include the "®" symbol on first reference. Official logos are available to the media upon request. Use of the trademark is allowed in good faith for signage used as a salutation, but, again, WILL NOT be allowed in advertisements. For example, "Welcome RAGBRAI riders" positioned on a marquee board is a good display of a town's spirit. However, signage that advertises a sale, i.e. RAGBRAI special-Zap Soda Pop $3.25 a case is commercial use of the trademark and will not be allowed without prior written permission.


SIGNAGE. Promote your local fundraiser by putting exactly what you are raising money for on your banner.  Make your signs large and high enough for riders to see them.


HELPFUL TIPS. Have your group wear their uniforms or matching shirts. Sales should be cash only and consider using even amounts to avoid the hassle of coins.




For questions, contact Katie Mason at 515-418-1198 or bikeCoonRapids@gmail.com.


City of Coon Rapids Offices: 123 3rd Avenue South, Coon Rapids, Iowa 50058 712-999-7749