RAGBRAI Riders & Guests


Wow are we excited for you to spend Day 2 of RAGBRAI 2018 in Coon Rapids – Monday, July 23.  We have everything you need to quench your thirst, hunger and entertainment needs.



Riders will enter town off of Highway 141 onto Highway Street.  At Sixth Avenue, turn north a block to Main Street.  That is were all the excitement begins before you leave town on Sumpter Avenue.


If you are unable to see the map below, please click here to download the Coon Rapids route.




Jam Time DJ Productions will be rocking the beer garden while on Main Street several local musicians will make it worth your time to stop and listen for a while.  Our local celebrities can sing, dance and play a mean fiddle. Throw in a guitar and ukulele and you’ve got yourself a good afternoon.  A kids’ zone will offer some great distractions for the younger riders.



We know you’ll be thirsty, so we’ll have a free water stand by our town library on Third Avenue. Frohlich’s SuperValu (corner of Fourth Avenue and Main Street) will have an ice trailer on site for your cooler needs.



·  Beer Garden - Coon Rapids firefighters can quench any fire and your thirst.
   Visit them at the beer garden where they’ll be selling Anheuser-Busch products.


·  Chuck’s Bar and Grill – beer, mixed drinks


·  American Legion – beer, mixed drinks


·  Coon Bowl III – vodka lemonade, beer, mixed drinks


·  Northside Recreation – beer, mixed drinks


·  Raccoon River Social Club – beer, wine, mixed drinks



The following food vendors will be set up on Main Street between Sixth and Fourth Avenue.


·  Annunciation Church – homemade pie, ice cream


·  Central Church – smoked pulled pork sandwiches


·  Chuck’s Bar and Grill – breaded loin sandwich, Philly steak sandwich, BBQ pork sandwich, deli sandwich, salads, water, Gatorade


·  Coon Bowl – steak sandwiches, vodka lemonade, watermelon fingers, lemonade, water


·  CR-B Education Foundation – Gatorade, water, chips


·  CR-B High School Class of 2020 – pickle ice pops, bananas, protein/granola bars, Gatorade, water


·  Frohlichs SuperValu – brats, pork sandwich


·  Jazzedy – smoked grilled wings, chicken Philly sandwich, gaucho tacos, applejack fritters


·  South Sign Company – cold pickles


·  Thomas Rest Haven – pork shanks, fresh fruit, muffins, cookies


·  Whiterock Conservancy – bananas, candy bars, iced tea, sweet tea, lemonade


·  Brent Rocks – Wisconsin cheese curds, corn dogs, mini doughnuts, French fries, lemonade and fruit smoothies


·  Carbo Hut – rice and noodle bowls, baked sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, real fruit smoothies


·  Deardorff Highland Cattle – Highland Philly sandwich, hamburgers, pulled pork sandwich, sides, kettle corn, caramel corn, cheese corn, pop, water,


·  Smoothie Revolution – smoothies with protein powder


·  Leaf Grill and Wokery – Thai basil chicken, fresh wok fired veggies, water


·  Fruitzen – Fruitzen, FrozFuit, Body Armor, water, Gatorade, snickers


·  Double M Concessions – hand breaded tenderloins, pork chops, chicken breast sandwich, French fries, cheese curds, smoothies


·  LosPrimos Grill – fajitas, burritos, tacos


·  La Calle Food Truck – Latin American cuisine


·  Pizza on Wheels – pizza, lemonade, Gatorade, water


·  Amos Fresh Sweetcorn – Sweet corn, turkey legs, kinky spuds/nachos, philly steak sandwhich




Port-a-pots will be located on Sixth Avenue as you enter our vendor area and Fourth Avenue as you leave the vendor area.



Support vehicles will travel south on Velvet Avenue into Coon Rapids.  When you see the Fire and Ambulance Building on the hill (it’s red and gray, you can’t miss it) turn east onto West Street, which becomes Elm Street.  The Carroll County Fairgrounds on the south side of Elm Street is a great place to park your vehicle and only a few blocks from all the action on Main Street.



The University of Iowa’s Medical Team will be located at the intersection of Highway Street and Sixth Avenue as you enter the heart of Coon Rapids.

The Carroll County Ambulance will be stationed on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Main Street.

The Coon Rapids First Aid Station will be located in the building next to the Memorial Park on the south side of Main Street.

The local PEO ladies will be handing out chap stick, sunscreen band-aids on North Fifth Avenue near the bike rack.



We aren't going to order bad weather, but, if it happens, here is our severe weather plan.



Don’t leave town without purchasing a Coon Rapids t-shirt to remember us by.  We’ll have them for sale at the information booth as you reach Main Street.




You have a question…we have an answer for that.  Email us at bikeCoonRapids@gmail.com.


City of Coon Rapids Offices: 123 3rd Avenue South, Coon Rapids, Iowa 50058 712-999-7749