Local Government


Coon Rapids is governed by a mayor and city council. City offices are co-located with the Coon Rapids Municipal Utilities offices and operations center and the Coon Rapids Library in the Municipal building on the corner of Main and 3rd Ave.


Coon Rapids is one of the few towns in the state with city-owned municipal utilities. Coon Rapids Municipal Utilities provide gas, electric, telephone, high-speed Internet, cable TV, water and sewer services to our residents. The city also owns Thomas Rest Haven, our award winning nursing home. Under a Great Place initiative using Federal, State and local funding the facility  a 12-unit Assisted Living wing.


Elected Officials

Mayor Jeff Anthofer mayorant@hotmail.com

Council Members

Jon Esdorh jlesdohr@hotmail.com

Janelle Kracht iastater14@gmail.com

Dave Burmeister burma@iowatelecom.net

Cody Willenborg cjwillenborg1@gmail.com

Josh Carpenter josh.carpenter72@gmail.com


Other Key City Employees

Kevin Reis, Street Superintendent

Andy Klein, Chief of Police

Jesica Leighty, City Clerk cityclerkcr@gmail.com

Paulette McDonough, EMS Director, 712-999-5713

Maura Marsh, Librarian, 712-999-5410


Phone Numbers and Hours of Operation

Clerk and Council Room 712-999-7749, open 8:00am - 4:00pm Mon-Fri

Police Business Office - 712-999-5244 (emergency dial 911)

Library - 712-999-5410

Coon Rapids Municipal Utilities - 712-999-2225, Open 7:00am - 4:00pm Mon-Fri

City of Coon Rapids Offices: 123 3rd Avenue South, Coon Rapids, Iowa 50058 712-999-7749